Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi everyone! :-)

The exhibition is on now for the past four days and I am having a nice bit of feedback about my work.

The "Embryo - autumn leaf fall" is one of the favourites and I could have sold it three times!
 "Flow I"  is a popular one with much interest.
 Also "Blackberry brambles towards Drumanagh", an oil .
 Good interest in "Serene reflections" and "Magpie" was mentioned a few times.  Also the core paintings of the exhibition which I titled "Nature reclaims"  of  "New life on dead wood", "Begonia on old wood" and  "The old stone wall"  were favourites and many others were also mentioned so overall I am enjoying hearing what people think about my paintings.
 On until next saturday, 19th July so still time for anyone who hasn't seen it yet to go along.
Working on this little miniature painting yesterday!

Mixed media on canvas board........

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