Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hi all! :-)

Well Summer heading towards its close soon and kiddies all preparing for going back to school - or should I say, their parents are preparing for it! :-}
Weather still holding up quite good apart from heavy rain last weekend - our festival suffered locally from it I think. Still very warm though. Notice autumn colour in the leaves in the garden already, possibly because of losing their chlorophyll due to the extremely dry weather we have had for so long. It looks beautiful.
My daughter, Severene, granddaughter Hayleigh and grandson Kyle came up from Cork for the weekend and we all enjoyed the weekend together.
 Iv'e been out and about taking some photos for ref  and inspiration for new art work coming up, really enjoyed doing that - love the outdoors!
Did a huge amount of gardening yesterday, pruning back loads that had thrived so well this Summer. :-) Just after cleaning up and pruning back in the alleyway with two of my neighbours and the back lane is so neat and clean now!
Aiva, Glenn's girlfriend, came up and painted my front pillars and wall yesterday and it looks so good now with that freshening up!
Hope you are all enjoying the rest of the Summer.
Putting up a little piece that I did a while back.
Talk to you all again soon.

Untitled as yet....mixed media on paper....

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  1. oh the weather is a changing alrite .. didnt notice the leaves changing yet,, must look :)