Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi everyone! :-)
Summer near it's end and got very cold and wet - reminding us of what winter will be like soon enough!
Beautiful Autumn colouring coming into nature everywhere including my gorgeous virginia creeper outside my back door and kitchen window - beautiful to look at!! :-)
I had my grandson, Jack up for the past week and really enjoyed having him - growing up to be a lovely young man! :-)
Doing a few changes in my garden to have less maintenance. Taking part of one rockery bed and putting it in a different place and clearing out one patch completely at back door to give more space. Might also take down back arch.
My brother and family over visiting us all at the moment from Perth, western Australia and had great catch up on things and great laughs today! :-D They are such great people. Not staying with me but staying with my sister but called today and calling again on Wednesday and we are going down to visit daughter Alwin and son Julian.
Working on a few bits in the art studio at the moment.  Also,  I went out for a walk across the cliffs and fields the other evening and came across gorgeous cabbages in a field with the bottom leaves decaying producing these gorgeous rich colours so decided to do a bit of an abstract art project on them as they were so beautiful. I am putting up pics. Not sure if I will do much more or may change it completely but I so much enjoyed doing these! :-)

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