Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi everyone!
Well - what's been happening?  My daughter and grandchildren were up for the past week and we enjoyed catching up on things - they live in Cork which is the other end of the country from where I live! Also I went to the opening of the summer art exhibition in the new Jordan Arts gallery locally - it was a most enjoyable evening and my son, Glenn has some work exhibited there.  Working on updating my website with the help of Glenn and should be ready soon, I'm just working on my artist's statement now!  :)  Also working on some landscape abstracts at the mo and I will put them up for you to see here.  I recently sold a painting to a lady in Doha, Quatar so that was great. The sizzler of a summer has gone away for a bit but expected to come back again after the weekend so that is to look forward to. We have had quite a lot of heavy showers and thunder and lightening over the past week so I will be glad for that to go.  My sister and family were home from Australia for 10 days and it was wonderful to see them and we enjoyed getting together. My birthday came and went at the beginning of July (not getting any younger!) while my sister was home which was nice. Got lots of lovely pressies and it was so hot on the day that my sister Kay and myself went down to the beach for a swim in the afternoon and then herself, her boyfriend and myself went for a lovely evening meal to the local Harbour Bar! Food was delicious!  This weekend we have the Rush Harbour Festival with all sorts going on including a craft fair in the marquee, a road race, food stalls, music etc., so hopefully the weather will be good.  Anyway, I was just filling you in on what has been going on here in my world!

These are the latest landscape abstracts that I have done.  I hope you like them. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This painting was finished early this morning - it quite textural with the emphasis on the lone poppy in the foreground. I like doing this type of painting where something simple in the landscape, which is usually overlooked, is highlighted for its simplicity and beauty. :)

"Lone Poppy"

This is also a watermedia painting that I did yesterday, steeped in nature per usual! :)

I hope you enjoy my latest work!