Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Christmas everyone!

My art exhibition at Skerries Mills was very successful and most enjoyable. I had plenty of comments, messages, chats, and enquiries from followers - and I sold three paintings for which I was so happy. :-) As the Mills is booked up from around November every year for the following year, I was asked would I like to book an exhibition for 2017 now before the last two slots were gone and I went ahead and booked for end of September/beginning October 2017 for another exhibition.
The paintings that were sold were the ones below. Roll on getting down to start new work once the Christmas is over. I have already ordered new materials which are being delivered today.
It looks like its going to be a stormy Christmas - here in Ireland anyway and no sign of snow, just wet and windy! But sure hey - we are used to it. We have had one of the mildest Winters on record so far.
I will put up a pic of the sold items from the Mills and I just want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and great New Year 2017 and I will talk to you again in the new year. :-) xx