Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Well everyone - Summer is over and beautiful Autumn is fully in with all it's luscious and vibrant colours and hues - stunningly beautiful. :-) This is my favourite season although each has it's own distinct beauty.  I was out and about taking photos for art inspiration and just because I love to capture the beauty all around me of that sense of nature caught in time. If you would like to see some of my photos over the years, you can find them on my photography page on Facebook along with my art page - Eileen Keelan photography and Eileen Keelan art.  I love being out and about walking or cycling and always bring my camera with me.
Since my exhibition, I have been doing some art work but I am shortly starting new paintings and hope to have my next exhibition in 2015. I will know of the date in November.
In the meantime, enjoy the lovely Autumn days in all it's glory and I am putting up a large watercolour that I did in 2012 for you to see. Talk to you all again soon. :-)

"Woodland"....watercolour on paper.....66cm x 56cm...