Friday, July 22, 2016

Hi everyone! :-)
Summer is slipping away from us fast with the rain back once more after a beautiful few days with amazing heat - it was so good and we all got into holiday mode with the beaches packed, people out walking, cycling etc., but sure it's Ireland, and we know what to expect and that it never lasts too long. The garden needed the water anyway so happy days!
I have been working away in the art studio and enjoying myself. Trying out new things too. Natures pattern, textures,  and colour is what I enjoy most and between patterns in beach stones, beautiful patterns in the sea cliffs as it erodes from the sea and opens up new colours, the beauty in our woodlands in Kenure and St. Cath's, wild flowers in the fields and the gorgeous flowers in everyones gardens - natures beauty is everywhere for inspiration.
I am putting up a few of my latest works for you. xx

Friday, July 8, 2016

Busy busy bee.....

I will be putting 4 paintings into the Rush Harbour Festival at end of this month and I am having a solo exhibition at Skerries Mills end of November/beginning of Dec. :-)

Just putting up two of my recent paintings for you all.....