Monday, November 10, 2014

Hi everyone. :-)
Haven't been on for a while. Had a wonderful Halloween where we all had a party and dressed up - great fun! Christmas coming fast and furious with all the adverts on the media.

Just got the dates for my next exhibition will be from the 4th to the 17th May 2015 in Skerries Mills so I am looking forward to that and am painting away with that in mind.
Had a few framed lately and left more in.

Putting up a painting from a series I intend to do called "Shield" .
It will be about the shields we put up - layers - to protect ourselves from negative things in life.
From the day we are born, we perceive, take in and feel what is going on around us from the environment and people we interact with etc., sometimes consciously and other times sub-consciously.
In an effort for self preservation, we put up barriers/walls/thick layers and often only let ourselves be vulnerable when we feel safe.
So I will be exploring this idea in the form of various shields.
Looking forward to it.

This is one that I am starting with, not quite finished but you get the idea. :-)