Friday, April 6, 2012

Nature up close and personal

Hi everybody! 

Thanks you to all who have liked and shared my work so far.

I would like to mention a bit about my latest work titled "Nature up close and personal".

Bark, Mixed Media, Eileen Keelan 2012

This work originates from my absolute love for nature, always have from the time I was a small child running barefoot through the fields and on the beach which was almost on our doorstep.
Using textures and mixed media I am going in close up to nature starting mainly with the various beautiful tree barks of which some might seem very mundane and not worth a second glance but when you really study the beauty of trees, you can see the similarities between the natural landscape and ourselves.

The trees, like ourselves, wear the scars, cuts, bruises, wrinkles, callouses, broken limbs etc., on it over its lifetime. Sometimes it is covered over by moss and lichens as the outer skin becomes craggy with changes from weathering, etc., We humans have the same on our own skins. The tree stands strong despite its perceived imperfections, and reaches strong and steady towards the sky whilst being firmly rooted in the ground. 
Nature really has a message for us if you look closely at it!

I will also be featuring the Crow from time to time in this latest work as I find him a fascinating bird and again he has much comparison with the human world with his strength, wilfullness, determination etc., whilst holding his head high and giving you that stare!!

I hope you enjoy my work as I go along!

Check out my works here:

Eileen (:o)


  1. Congrats on your new body of works Eileen! They look great! Your use of texture is amazing. Can't wait to follow your progress.

    Hugs, glenn x

  2. Hi Glenn! Thank you so much for your comment and especially for all your help in getting both my blog and my art site up and running, I appreciate it so much!(:o) X