Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi everyone,
I go to Spain every year on holiday with my sister to a little place called Torrox, which is just down from Malaga and next town to Nerja which some of you might be more familiar with. We love Torrox and we stay in my sister's wood cabin on a hillside which is part of a camping site called "El Pino". We love it there and everyone knows everyone by now!
To get down to the village, we have to go walk downhill on the dried river bed where there also is a farmers goat track where the farmers herd their goats every day and we love going down this track as its so old-fashioned and full of character and we see the locals and say hello and they have makeshift greenhouses which are covered by plastic sheeting over the tomatoes they grow inside them. They also grow vines which are always laden with grapes and avocados grown very plentifully in the fields.
Many of the farmers have built new houses over the years but have left the old ones still standing nearby or incorporated them as part of the new build. But one of these small houses is one that stands alone, very dilapidated and is crumbling more and more every year. I always take a photo of it with the intention of doing a painting of it and this is the one I am showing you here as I've just finished it. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

"Crumbling" - the old casa 2440, Torrox, Spain.

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