Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter! :-)  Really enjoyed it myself with the family, plenty of eating, drinking, games, chocolate etc., We spent the Easter Sunday down in Glenn and Aiva's house and they also had a guest arrive from Denmark called Urska too which was lovely meeting her on the day.
I have been working on different pieces and trying out layers and textures in nature, enjoying it. I love the way everything in nature is made of one layer (the earth itself) and then subsequent layers of bracken, leaves, weeds, wildflowers etc., and it fascinates me how you look at the outer layer  (say in the hedgerows) and through that you can see other layers in the distance behind it! Hope I am explaining myself properly! I also love the abstract elements in nature, shapes, forms - I am so interested in these and will be experimenting more.
Weather is beautiful at last and it's so great to throw off the heavier coats and jackets, boots etc., I love cycling and being out in this type of weather so I had slacked off being in the studio for a bit  but I am always taking things in in my surrounding no matter where I am and it has an affect on my art.
Just putting up a few of my latest .......

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