Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Getting nearer to my exhibition - four more coming back from the framer today. :-)
I am looking forward to getting feedback from people about my work, I hope they like it.
Finishing up on a few things, stuff to be printed out still. I should have about 30 paintings, not quite sure about one or two yet. In the meantime, I am showing you a new little mixed media on paper that I did. See what you think. :-)

Physalis" - Chinese lanterns... mixed media on paper.
 Love the colour and textures of these plants!!


  1. Love it! Absolutely hopping off the canvas, so pretty. This is Aine by the way :-)

  2. Thanks Aine! :-) I'm nearly finished getting my paintings ready for the show on Monday - hope a few attend and looking forward to talking to people and getting some feedback about my work. Talking to Benny yesterday and he says you arrived safe n sound in Bangkok which is good news! Take care. XX