Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful new year 2015! :-)
Last year was quite a good one for me until my little dog of 16yrs of age died on the 14th December - I was heartbroken as you can imagine. Phoebe saw us all through so many things in those few years and was such a faithful, adorable pet, she will be sadly missed.
Plans then changed for the Christmas day which is usually in my house as I was feeling so low and my family invited me over to theirs which made it a much less stressful Christmas - and I stayed for three days! At their insistence, I might add, not me overstaying my welcome! :-D
Had a lovely time. I didn't do much art over the period but am now back in full swing again. :-)
My camera is not working somehow at uploading today so I can't show you much at this point but will when I get it working again.
In the meantime, Happy New Year to all!

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