Sunday, May 3, 2015

Well everyone - I am all ready to bring my paintings down to Skerries Mills in about an hour. I have all done and set to go for the opening tomorrow. I have 33 paintings to show and I hope they are received well by the public.
As an artist, I spend so much time in the studio on my own, creating work, but it is only when I put them 'out there' in public for people to see and hopefully appreciate, that I get to hear some feedback for what I do. I'm not a person who likes to be in the public eye so it's a bit of a nerve wracking time for me but usually it's grand when I get there and I relax.
 Artists are inclined to be never completely satisfied with their work - for me the process of creating the paintings is the  most satisfying thing, I just absorb myself totally in what I am doing. I often start with an idea and if there are textures involved, I put them down before paint and then it's a process of exploration and I can actually see the possibility of several paintings before I get to the final finished article. :-)
So that's it for now.
Leaving you with two recent watermedia paintings.  The first was so enjoyable doing it with acrylic liquidex inks and I like that when I was doing it the paint ran on to the table in a continuous flow - really like that! Like it could go on forever! :-)

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