Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi everyone.

Weather has taken up at last and it's really lovely.  At least we can go out without a jacket and wear Summer clothes at last. :-)
Plenty of inspiration for art all around (is there ever not!) ! My Spider Lily is in full bloom - and I bought it in "Bloom" too!! :-D The "Bloom" Garden festival was on in the Phoenix park on the June bank holiday weekend at the beginning of the month and I bought 3 of these to see what they were like as they looked lovely from the photo with them, planted them a few days later and viola - they are up! They are so different and so lovely and aptly named "Spider lily" I am putting a photo up for you to see. I just love the beautiful swirls of the petals and the trumpet-like middle and it catches the sun so easily and shines through them as they are very delicate - they are beautiful! So pleased I bought them! :-) 
Other that that, I have been trying out new textures and inks and having fun with those. Take a look. :-)

Now isn't that a gorgeous flower?! :-

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